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Articles & News

Another successful Washington County drone contraband arrest

At 12:30 A.M. on December 6, 2023, Washington County (GA) Deputies received notification of a drone drop at Washington State…

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SiLC’s Eyeonic Vision Sensor LiDAR Achieves over 2km Range

(SiLC), a pioneer in advancing integrated single-chip Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) LiDAR solutions has announced a significant breakthrough in…

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TEKEVER and CRFS Launch RF Sensor Drone Payload

TEKEVER, in collaboration with CRFS, has accomplished the initial phase of their system integration partnership, unveiling the inaugural sub-tactical unmanned…

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D-Fend Graduates to New Phase of Airport Counter-UAS Testing

Ra’anana, Israel and McLean, VA (December 13th, 2023) – D-Fend Solutions, the leader in radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, non-kinetic, non-jamming,…

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Senate Counter-UAS Bill Continues to Add Bipartisan Cosponsors

The Senate Counter-UAS Bill, also known as S.1631: Safeguarding the Homeland from Threats Posed by Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act of…

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SkySafe Begins UAS Detection & Mitigation Testing and Evaluation

SkySafe, a global drone airspace management and awareness leader, has been chosen for the FAA’s UAS Detection and Mitigation Testing…

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U.S. Army Entered into OTA Agreements with Lockheed and NGSC

Last month, the U.S. Army Project Director Sensors-Aerial Intelligence (PD SAI) entered into Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreements with Lockheed…

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AeroVironment Jump 20 Group 3 UAS Demonstrates Its Flexibility

AeroVironment, Inc. recently participated in the Arcane Thunder 23 (AT23) operational exercise in Europe, showcasing the capabilities of its JUMP…

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Examination of sUAS operations in proximity to a major U.S. Airport

An examination of sUAS operations in proximity to a major U.S. Airport is a study by Ryan J. Wallace, Scott…

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Mexico Chamber of Deputies Approves Drone Criminal Penalties

Mexico Now reports that the Mexico Chamber of Deputies has amended and incorporated provisions into the Federal Criminal Code and…

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Latest Resources

Stadia Protection and Mitigation from Drone Incursion and Threats

Stadia Protection and Mitigation from Drone Incursion and Threats is a guideline that is the result of a collective effort…

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Weaponized Drone Use Indications & Warning in Africa

Radical Islamist Weaponized Drone Use I&W (Indications & Warning) in Africa: A Terrorism Research Note is a Small Wars Journal…

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UAS integration into European airspace and over urban areas

Unmanned Aircraft Systems integration into European airspace and operation over populated areas is a report by the European Parliament’s Committee…

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Report: Cartel Using Anti-Drone ‘Cope Cage’ on CJNG IAFV

Anti-Drone ‘Cope Cage’ on CJNG Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicles (IAFV) Engaging SEDENA Forces in Jalisco is a report by C/O…

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Drone Detection and Tracking Using RF Identification Signals

Drone Detection and Tracking Using RF Identification Signals is an article by Driss Aouladhadj, Ettien Kpre, Virginie Deniau, Aymane Kharchouf,…

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Performance analysis and design of loitering munitions

Performance analysis and design of loitering munitions: A comprehensive technical survey of recent developments is a report by Mark Voskuijl….

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Counter-UAS for High Value Units Afloat Pierside

Counter Unmanned Aerial System Defense for High Value Units Afloat Pierside is a Purdue University doctoral dissertation by Christopher R….

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U.S. Army Air and Missile Defense Operations

U.S. Army Air and Missile Defense Operations is a field manual published by Headquarters, Department of the Army. Field Manual…

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Ranges of Injury Risk Associated with Impact from UAS

Ranges of Injury Risk Associated with Impact from Unmanned Aircraft Systems is a Virginia Tech research article by Eamon T….

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Countering UAS: A Conversation with Major General Sean Gainey

Countering Uncrewed Aerial Systems: A Conversation with General Sean Gainey is a discussion hosted by Tom Karako of the Center…

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Silvus Technologies

Mission Critical Communications – Creating A Unified C-UAS Network

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SAE Media Group

Connecting defence & security, aerospace, government personnel and military professionals worldwide

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Shield UAS Solutions

Protecting your airspace, together.

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D-Fend Solutions


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Leading the Transformation of Modern Warfare™

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Comprehensive Spectrum Situational Awareness & Drone Detection

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Preparedness. Response. Resilience.

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P3 Tech Consulting

Your Premier Force in Emerging Tech: Consulting, Branding, Content, Education

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Accelerator Your Innovation. Elevate Your Capabilities. Excel in the Unmanned.

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AARTOS Sector Jammer

Introducing the AARTOS 360° Sector Jammer: Precision Defense for Your Airspace! Are you ready to take control of your airspace…

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Blue Force UAV digital decoy that obfuscates pilot and sUAS location, confusing threat actors, and reinforcing deception in support of…

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RFeye Mission

RFeye Mission is CRFS’s Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS), enabling network and database management alongside automated spectrum monitoring and geolocation….

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Introducing the AARTOS X5, your ultimate solution for advanced drone detection and protection. With an extensive frequency coverage from 400MHz…

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Ninja Sentinel

Ninja Sentinel is a multi-layer C-sUAS sensor solution that increases rapid, accurate, and reliable small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) detection…

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Experience Unprecedented Airspace Security with the AARTOS X9 Drone Detection System! Introducing the AARTOS X9, your ultimate solution for cutting-edge…

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Discovair G2

As drones get more common and adversaries get more creative with how they can take advantage of this technology, security…

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AARTOS Handheld Jammer

Introducing the AARTOS Handheld Jammer: Portable Precision for Drone Defense! Are you seeking a compact and portable solution to protect…

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Silvus StreamCaster 4200+ Drop-In Module

StreamCaster 4200+ Drop-In Module  Purpose-built for UAS integration, the SC4200+ Drop-in Module provides all of the power and performance of…

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The Sawtooth Modular CUAS systems platform has been developed by Black Sage from the years of evaluating sensors and effectors…

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Drone Open-Source Intelligence Investigations Online Training Course

This comprehensive intelligence-led course, taught from an experienced and awarded intelligence professional, will take you through the process for conducting…

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C-UAS Site Vulnerability Assessment Online Training Course

This comprehensive intelligence-led course, taught from a highly renowned UAS Red Air pilot, will take you through the process for…

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Applied UAS Forensics + CFID Certification Course

For first responders to a criminal incident involving a drone, actions or inactions could have serious consequences to the investigation…

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C-UAS Training

If our C-UAS operational experience has taught us anything, it is that no C-UAS strategy or system will work without…

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Field Service Representatives (FSRs)

Our FSRs’ are ready to deploy globally in support of C-UAS systems and operations. Our specialists are proven in theatre…

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GUARDION as a Service

MISSION-PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Designing an effective Counter-UAS system is only the first step. Proving that reliable and field-ready solution against real-world…

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C-UAS as a Service (CaaS)

This is a first to market solution. Our C-UAS operators will deploy to your area of operation and design and…

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C-UAS Intelligence Collection

DroneSec provides human-analyzed intelligence collection and reporting for the purposes of C-UAS. This service combines deep technical analysis, threat actor…

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Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

A UAS-specific vulnerability assessment that assists organisations and facilities in understanding how a site may be vulnerable to the risks…

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Drone Cyber Security & C-UAS Online Training Course

Offensive UAS Operations and Adversarial Tradecraft Join your trainers as they walk you through the world of Drone Security and…

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Senior Reverse Engineer

If you love tearing things apart, reversing custom protocols, and developing tools to abuse functionality, then SkySafe would like to…

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Senior Account Executive

We are looking for a high-energy, driven Senior Account Executive with sound business acumen, strong technical aptitude, and natural sales…

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We support our partners in protecting critical infrastructure in the best possible way in order to identify and avert risks…

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Silvus Technologies: Director of Sales, US Department of Defense (DoD)

The Company Silvus is dedicated to one mission: connecting those who keep us safe. We do so by delivering the…

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MQ-9 Reaper Air Vehicle Operator

AVIAN is seeking an MQ-9 Reaper Air Vehicle Operator (AVO) / Pilot to join the Navy’s UAV test squadron, UX-24, in Patuxent…

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