Countering The Threats From Uncrewed Aerial Systems- A Guide to Selecting C-UAS Technology is a document from the National Protective Security Authority, formerly the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

This guidance outlines the necessary steps for sites to implement C-UAS technology. With various types and combinations available for purchase, understanding the selected equipment’s performance, alignment with site requirements, and compliance with the law is crucial.

Publication Date- April 2023

A Guide To Selecting C-UAS Technology contains the following main sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • An Introduction To C-UAS Technology
  • Identifying Vulnerabilities And Understanding The UAS Risk
  • Introduction To C-UAS Technologies
  • Step 1- Develop A Site Specific Technical OR FOr C-UAS
  • Step 2- Developing Detailed Design And Procuring C-UAS Technology
  • Step 3- Installation And In-Situ Testing
  • Step 4- Moving To Live Operations
  • Step 5- Maintaining And Improving Operational Effectiveness
  • Summary

Readers are directed to the NPSA website below to access this publicly available information directly.

Other References from the National Protective Security Authority:

Assessing UAS Threat and Vulnerability

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