DARPA OFFSET: A Vision for Advanced Swarm Systems through Agile Technology Development and Experimentation is an article by Timothy H. Chung and Roshan Daniel, originally published in Field Robotics.

With continuous advancements in robotics and autonomous technologies, especially in the domain of large-scale multi-robot teams, it has become imperative to integrate them into operational scenarios in real-world settings. This integration serves two critical purposes: gathering valuable user feedback and refining the application of these technologies. In essence, it involves simultaneously developing operational concepts and technology maturation, ensuring they evolve together.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program, spanning four years, epitomized this iterative, mission-focused approach. It actively embraced the idea of merging technological innovation with field experiments to rapidly enhance the capabilities of large-scale, diverse robotic teams, particularly in intricate and adversarial urban environments. This vision paper not only elucidates the motivation behind the OFFSET program but also provides insights into the technical objectives and the resulting outcomes. Additionally, it outlines the program’s structure, which was meticulously designed to facilitate the infusion of technology innovations through an ambitious series of field tests and a continuous learning process.

Publication Date– January 2023

DARPA OFFSET: A Vision for Advanced Swarm Systems through Agile Technology Development and Experimentation contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • OFFSET: A Swarm Systems Framework
  • OFFSET Program Structure
  • OFFSET Field Experimentation Campaign
  • OFFSET Lessons Learned
  • Recommendations
  • The OFFSET Ecosystem
  • Conclusions

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Authors- Timothy H. Chung and Roshan Daniel

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Post Image- Illustration of Swarm Sprinters across five Swarm Sprint efforts, representing diverse organization types and technical approaches and contributions to the OFFSET Swarm Systems Architecture(s). (Image Credit: Authors)