Per information from the Hindu Times, ACSG Corp., a provider of critical infrastructure protection solutions, is researching identifying counter-drone solutions for this mission.

The President of ACSG Corp., Major Vijay (Retired) identified the following requirements, “An effective counter-drone solution should be portable, as it would normally be a temporary, event-based set-up to handle any looming threat that an event could draw.”

“It should have, at least, a 3km radius. It should leave no blind spot. We are also working on integrating a number of other related technologies that should be a part of futuristic anti-drone systems,” he said.

Major Vijay further stated that India is focusing more on being self-reliant and the government is aiming to bring down defense imports by at least $2 billion by next year.

“This means, the onus would fall on Indian companies to design and deliver world-class drones and anti-drones for a variety of purposes,” he said.

“With India becoming technologically advanced, the country could potentially hold a major share in the fastest-growing industry. With shifting warfare and drones taking centre-stage, it’s time for India to showcase and strengthen its technological capabilities as well as have a long-term policy for novel technologies,” the company said in a statement.

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Post Image- Scenic view of the waves of the Bay of Bengal along Marina Beach with port in background, Chennai, India (Image Credit: Adobe Stock by Manivannan T)