DroneDefence announced that its lightweight Remote ID transponder, AeroPing, has been officially approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

AeroPing is a small, lightweight Remote ID transponder. It provides all drone pilots the ability to present the location of their drones and flight purpose in real-time. This will increase airspace safety and enable a future where drones can utilize the skies along with unmanned aviation. 

The UK Science and Technology committee recognized the need and recommended that all drones, including existing ones, should be electronically conspicuous within two years. 

The AeroPing is the first UK Remote ID module to receive FAA approval. It was put through a rigorous application and testing process. At the end of 2022, the module was awarded the RemoteID Declaration of Compliance. 

“We’re incredibly pleased that our AeroPing module is the first in the UK to have been approved by the FAA,” says Richard Gill, CEO and Founder of Drone Defense. “The FAA approval demonstrated the module’s efficiency and capability of communicating a drone’s location and flight purpose.” 

AeroPing is user-friendly and feeds real-time data into AeroTracker or any other DRI receiver app.

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