AIM Defence, creators of Australia’s first laser-based counter-drone technology, has secured a contract from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to develop an unprecedented Directed Energy (DE) System for ongoing counter-drone testing and evaluation.

Valued at $4.9 million, this contract marks the ADF’s inaugural acquisition of a directed energy prototype for continual field-based counter-drone evaluations. AIM Defence’s revolutionary Fractl:2 DE system boasts exceptional capabilities, capable of penetrating steel and exhibiting remarkable precision in targeting and neutralizing drones traveling up to 100 kilometers per hour, even from considerable distances.

Compact and battery-operated, Fractl:2 offers portability without compromising performance, enabling the interception of over 50 drones per charge. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless operation by supporting plug-in functionality to standard wall sockets, ensuring uninterrupted usage. Additionally, its utilization of light-based energy translates to negligible operational expenses as it eliminates the need for conventional ammunition.

Close up of the AIM Defence portable directed energy system
AIM Defence’s Fractl:2 Directed Energy system (Image Credit: AIM Defence)


“Countering drones and other autonomous weapons systems has emerged as one of the most critically needed capabilities for militaries worldwide. For the past four years, AIM Defence has been working with Australia’s defence innovation ecosystem to build a cost-effective, high-precision, and deployable directed energy system. Fractl:2 is the culmination of that effort,” commented AIM Defence Co-founder Jessica Glenn.

AIM Defence Co-Founder Dr. Jae Daniel noted that over the past two years, AIM Defence had conducted successful demonstrations of their Fractl system, achieving over 200 drone defeats in both indoor and outdoor settings. Through continuous refinement and learning from these experiences, they have enhanced the capabilities of the Fractl technology while prioritizing safety in directed energy deployment.

This focus has led to developing the Fractl:1 system, which is significantly safer than other DE systems available, boasting orders of magnitude improvement in safety. The latest iteration, Fractl:2, further reduces collateral hazards by a factor of 100, solidifying its position as the world’s safest and most deployable High-Power Laser system.

Post Image Credit- AIM Defence