Sensors & Signals has recently introduced AirTAK v1, the first purpose-built ADS-B gateway for the Team Awareness Kit (TAK). AirTAK is touted as an integral component of fighting wildfires as it provides situational and airspace awareness necessary for air-based firefighting assets and the management of resources.

TAK is a government off-the-shelf solution devised by the Department of Defense that empowers the generation, visualization, and sharing of tactical data. This seamless exchange of information enables effective communication among multiple users, fostering a shared understanding of the tactical landscape.

TAK facilitates seamless communication, and fosters shared situational awareness among diverse organizations during disaster responses or special events. It enables effective coordination between entities that do not have regular communication channels, providing them with a swift and effortless means to connect and collaborate.

Knowing the location of firefighting aircraft allows wildland firefighters on the ground to deploy resources more effectively, respond rapidly to changing fire conditions, enhance situational awareness, coordinate aerial support, and manage resources efficiently. These benefits improve the overall effectiveness and safety of firefighting operations, ultimately helping to mitigate the impact of wildfires.

Features  of AirTAK v1 include:

  1. Turn-key, ready to use: Each AirTAK comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.

  2. Dual 1090 MHz & 978 MHz Receivers: Track ADS-B Mode S aircraft on both common frequencies.

  3. Build-in WiFi AP: Plugin & Play operation with zero end-user configuration needed.

  4. Build-in GPS: Keep track of AirTAK downrange.

  5. Tactical ETL: Node-RED included for field programming.

  6. Works with any TAK Product: WinTAK, ATAK, iTAK, TAKX, et al.

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Post Image- Sensors & Signals AirTak v1 (Image Credit: Sensors & Signals)