Aloft has announced the launch of Remote ID compliance features to their airspace and fleet management platform Air Control. The new features enable their customers to manage their standard Remote ID and broadcast modules being integrated into their drone fleets. Aloft’s tagging, logging, alerting, and customizable reporting features have integrated these new Remote ID data fields.

Aloft will also integrate its patented Remote ID technology, incorporating various identification sources such as visual and audible cues to WiFi and Bluetooth. These features will be added through future software updates to Air Control, B4UFLY, and beyond.

Implementing Remote ID facilitates safer and more intricate drone operations by providing the means to identify airborne drones and locate their control stations. This information is vital for other airspace users and law enforcement.

As drones rapidly expand and become an integral part of the national airspace, a more comprehensive management system is necessary. Broadcast Remote ID represents a preliminary step, mainly addressing law enforcement potential rather than complete airspace integration. However, feedback from enterprise and public safety clients underscores the importance of monitoring and reporting Remote ID compliance to enhance drone programs’ efficiency.

For more information, visit Air Control and B4UFly

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Post Image- Aloft Air Control (Image Credit: Aloft)