The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has granted a 31-month contract to Anduril Industries, a defense technology company, initially valued at £17 million, to investigate future capabilities for fixed installation Force Protection, Counter Intrusion, and Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems. This contract is intended for use by the Royal Air Force and Strategic Command on Permanent Joint Operating Bases (PJOBs).

The £17 million contract, potentially increasing to £24 million, marks the third phase of Program TALOS, which is Anduril’s collaboration with jHub – the joint innovation team of the MoD and Strategic Command, connecting cutting-edge technology and expertise with users in the UK Defense sector. Program TALOS aims to expedite a comprehensive approach to Integrated Command and Control (C2) for Force Protection.

Anduril’s Lattice software platform harnesses advancements in key technologies like autonomy, edge processing, big data, and AI to the extent that it can revolutionize the Defense’s approach to C2. The capacity to leverage machine-speed decision-making, integrate all defense-wide platforms, sensors, and effectors into a unified network, and employ distributed and resilient systems capable of functioning under machine control will have significant implications for the UK’s defense capabilities.

Phase 3 of Program TALOS, known as ENTRELAZAR, will experiment and explore advancements in these key technologies, which may influence decisions regarding the integration of future capabilities into defense-wide platforms. Phase 1 of Program TALOS provided an initial understanding of Anduril’s autonomous Sentry Towers and their usefulness at active RAF air bases, while Phase 2 introduced the assurance of multiple Force Protection layers at multiple locations across the MOD estate.

This contract builds on the capability layering from Phase 2 and informs the requirements across multiple MoD sites. It will advance and expand experiments with mature integrated technologies and further the comprehension of the various options available in the broader C2 network, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

“The contract with jHub will allow Anduril to expedite modern defence technology and robustly support UK Defence, and represents an advancement of our relationship with the MoD. Force Protection and Counter Intrusion are increasingly important as the nature of threats expand, and Anduril’s Lattice platform can play a key role,” commented Anduril’s Head of Global Defense, Greg Kausner. He continued, “Our objective is to meet the specific requirements of armed forces to best shape the future of defence with advanced, modern technology; to do this, working with partners like jHub is key.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Sawyers, Head of the jHub Strategic Command said, “Technology within Defence is rapidly advancing, and we must harness these changes to respond to a more contested and volatile world. Phase 3 of this programme will see us continue to innovate, utilising technology to protect the UK and our allies anytime and anywhere.”

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Post Image- Anduril’s Lattice OS (Image Credit: Anduril)