Costa Mesa, CA — Anduril Industries, a defense technology company, and Adranos, a manufacturer of solid rocket motors, have announced the completion of Anduril’s acquisition of Adranos. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Through this acquisition, Anduril will become a merchant supplier of solid rocket motors to prime contractors delivering missiles, hypersonics and other propulsion systems for some of the Department of Defense’s most important programs. Anduril’s entrance to the market as a supplier will bring more resources and competition to an industry facing heavy consolidation, expand the industrial supply base, and provide increased velocity for development and production of solid rocket motors, which are critical to replenishing allied stockpiles of munitions and maintaining credible deterrence.

Founded in 2015, Adranos has refined an approach to the development of solid rocket motors that meets the evolving challenges of modern warfare. Adranos invented a proprietary aluminum-lithium alloy fuel called ALITEC that can produce up to a 40% range increase in solid rocket motors, while saving costs. The company has also devised an advanced manufacturing process for developing solid rocket motors that is significantly faster and more efficient than techniques used by legacy solid rocket motor manufacturers.

Anduril will bring critical resources toward developing the Adranos Solid Rocket Complex production facility in Mississippi into a modern manufacturing facility, which will increase output of both standard and ALITEC solid rocket motors to thousands per year at much faster lead times than currently available.

“There is a clear need for greater competition and expanded supply in solid rocket motors for the United States and our allies,” said Anduril CEO Brian Schimpf. “With this acquisition, Anduril will grow the defense industrial base, speed development and production of critical components with an advanced manufacturing approach, and enable next-generation performance of solid rocket motors with ALITEC, which is crucial for national security and overall health of the defense industry.”

“Our focus has been on innovating solid rocket motor development and manufacturing, solving the problems of rocket range and production volumes,” said Adranos CEO Chris Stoker. “With Anduril, we’ll be able to rapidly mature our technology and scale our team and production capabilities to increase our output to thousands of traditional and ALITEC solid rocket motors per year.”

“Solid rocket motors power some of the most important resources in our arsenal to protect our national security interests, and to fortify our military advantages over adversaries like China, Russia, and Iran,” said U.S. Senator Cyndi Hyde-Smith (R-Miss). “Mississippi is proud of the contributions our workers make toward these important missions. This announcement brings together world-class talent, innovation, and commitment to national defense from Anduril and Adranos. We are thrilled by the opportunity to manufacture best-in-class solid rocket motors in Mississippi to ensure the men and women who protect us are the best trained and equipped in the world.”

“The availability of solid rocket motors is of critical importance to U.S. national security. These motors are the lifeblood of munitions, hypersonic weapons, and small space launch systems,” said U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss). “Anduril’s acquisition of Adranos establishes a new merchant supplier of these components at a critical time. Anduril’s plan to expand its presence in Mississippi will create more jobs and add to our state’s strong ecosystem of space and defense companies.”

“Congratulations to Anduril Industries and Adranos on this exciting deal,” said Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves. “Mississippi’s economy is growing stronger every day and companies are really taking off in our state. We have the best workforce in the nation and the innovation happening here is truly awe-inspiring. Mississippians are manufacturing the most advanced solid rocket motors in the world. If you’re a company in the defense industry, Mississippi is the ideal place to do business.”

Post Image Credit: Anduril Industries