Defense technology company Anduril Industries and Hadrian, a leader in advanced manufacturing, have announced a strategic partnership in which Hadrian will supply and manufacture precision parts for Anduril’s suite of autonomous systems.

Through the Anduril-Hadrian strategic partnership, Anduril will accelerate its production of key components and precision parts at scale, leveraging Hadrian’s proprietary design excellence and manufacturing competencies to reduce cost and lead time. Hadrian’s automated, software-first approach will provide Anduril with higher flexibility and improved scalability not seen with traditional defense manufacturing.

“Hadrian is an ideal partner for Anduril,” said Matt Grimm, Anduril Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “The defense manufacturing base cannot supply critical assets to the DOD or our allies within a relevant timeframe. Anduril recognizes that deterrence begins on the factory floor, and so we design for manufacturing at the beginning of our development process. As our partnership with Hadrian evolves, we’ll continue to find ways to increase the pace at which we can deliver components and capabilities at scale, and ensure we’re able to mitigate interruptions in supply chains.”

“Too much of our national security depends on long, complex, and brittle supply chains. It is an error prone system in a space where there is zero room for error,” said Mike Hsu, Head of Supply Chain at Anduril. “No system where cold production lines and unproductive workers are a feature, not a bug, serves the country well. The solution is the fast, flexible approach to production that Hadrian is pioneering.”

Hadrian, which recently closed a $90 million Series A round, established Factory 1 in Hawthorne, last year. The company recently opened Factory 2 in Torrance, California.

“Pairing the world’s most transformational manufacturing company with the most disruptive defense company makes sense,” said Chris Power, Hadrian’s CEO and Founder. “Hadrian is committed to building pathways around current manpower and supply chain bottlenecks, and inspiring a new generation of manufacturers to support America’s national security needs and its aspirations in space. It is a commitment we share with Anduril. Hadrian looks forward to making some of Anduril’s key components faster and cheaper.”

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Post Image- Hadrian’s facility in Torrance, California (Image Credit: Anduril)