Anduril Industries has announced Ghost-X, the latest and most advanced iteration of its Ghost autonomous unmanned aircraft system. This version has been shaped by operational insights from over 1,000 Ghost flight hours, involving a diverse range of customers, including the UK Ministry of Defence, and deployment in various combat theaters and environments.

Ghost-X is a highly modular, adaptable, and expeditionary Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) engineered for reconnaissance, security, and force protection. It harnesses the power of Anduril’s Lattice software platform to streamline mission planning, airspace management, and flight operations. This automation reduces the cognitive workload and training requirements for operators. Ghost’s inherent adaptability to user requirements, featuring a flexible and rail-centric design, is further enhanced in Ghost-X with the integration of new propulsion, payloads, and software tailored to cater to operators’ needs in challenging global environments.

Notable enhancements in Ghost-X include:

Improved Flight Performance:

Ghost-X boasts an enhanced propulsion system that allows for a dual battery configuration, significantly extending its flight duration to 75 minutes. Furthermore, it doubles Ghost’s total payload capacity, now accommodating up to 9 kg (20 lbs). Ghost-X also extends its operational range to 25 kilometers by incorporating an optional long-range communications kit.

Modular and Multi-Payload Capability:

Building upon the Ghost platform’s modular design, Ghost-X introduces a variety of payload configurations. This includes the integration of new electro-optic and infrared gimbals, encoded laser options from top industry suppliers, and a vision-based navigation module that enables flight capabilities without reliance on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Ghost-X can host multiple payload configurations, enhancing flight efficiency and endurance even at higher take-off weights. Its adaptability to integrate emerging technologies, such as sensors, communication systems, navigation aids, and other modular mission payloads, positions it as a versatile asset to rapidly incorporate evolving capabilities.

Resilience in Challenging Environments:

Ghost-X has various cutting-edge technologies, including vision-based navigation and automated frequency switching. These innovations collectively establish a robust navigation and communication framework, enhancing resilience in environments with limited connectivity and potential signal denial. Anduril Industries remains committed to continuous iteration based on operators’ evolving needs in the most demanding operational settings. From its adaptable baseline airframe to its ever-evolving capabilities, the Ghost platform’s inherent flexibility culminates in Ghost-X, marking the next advancement in delivering autonomy for a wide array of missions.

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Post Image- Anduril Ghost-X (Image Credit: Andruril)