Anduril has introduced the Anvil-M, a new munitions version of its autonomous ‘Anvil’ interceptor drone, specifically designed for effectively countering Group 1 and Group 2 unmanned aircraft systems.

With the integration of a fire control module responsible for arming and triggering its munitions payload, Anvil-M represents the most formidable iteration of Anduril’s interceptor platform. Drawing from insights gained through real-world combat operations and feedback from operational environments, Anduril developed Anvil-M as a munition-equipped variant of Anvil to enhance the reliability and efficacy in engaging and neutralizing faster-moving Group 2 threats.

Anvil-M is a vital component of Anduril’s Counter-UAS family of systems, known for their adaptability and ability to be configured to suit the unique requirements of any mission environment. Anvil, the ground-launched, low-collateral rotary-wing interceptor, operates autonomously to intercept potential drone threats while providing visual feedback of these threats for positive identification by human operators.

With its ‘Launch Box’ integration, Anvil can be strategically positioned anywhere on a military base, enabling round-the-clock remote launches against targets designated by Lattice, Anduril’s AI-driven software platform. This autonomous user interface and command-and-control (C2) system seamlessly process aircraft trajectories sourced from diverse sensors, enabling human operators to engage with the most suitable response means, thus offering a comprehensive counter-UAS capability from start to finish.

Since 2017, Anduril has collaborated closely with military personnel to implement autonomous solutions addressing national security challenges. Countering unmanned systems demands a flexible and multi-layered capability capable of adapting to swiftly evolving threats, and Anvil-M has been purposefully engineered to fulfill this exact requirement. (Anduril)

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Post Image- Anvil-M deploys from its integrated Launch Box, a ruggedized self-contained and easily-transportable ground support system. (Image Credit: Anduril)