According to Hungary Today, another company is set to enter the crowded and competitive Counter-UAS market.

A new drone defense technology firm named RAC Antidrone Zrt. is set to be established through a collaborative effort involving 4iG Nyrt., Rotors & Cams Zrt. (a subsidiary of 4iG Group), and the iG TECH private equity fund, as announced by the telecommunications group in a press release.

4iG, headquartered in Budapest, anticipates substantial growth in market demand for precision technologies designed for drone control in the future. RAC Antidrone will specialize in providing airspace surveillance and air defense solutions to counter autonomous flight-capable devices. These solutions will cater to various sectors, including industrial, transportation, defense, and civil applications.

The 4iG Group places significant strategic emphasis on advancing Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) technologies, the localization of novel tech solutions, and their successful integration into the market. Consequently, the activities of RAC Antidrone Zrt. will be under the supervision of László Blénessy, Deputy CEO of 4iG Nyrt. responsible for technology. Kornél Szepessy, the former CEO of HungaroControl, will manage day-to-day operations.

Security service providers serving industrial, transport, military, and civilian installations have recognized the imperative need for effective airspace surveillance and protection. As the utility and capabilities of drones continue to advance, the detection and prevention of drone-related threats have increased significantly in recent times.

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