Validation of Architecture Models for Coordination of Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles Via Experimentation is a Naval Postgraduate School thesis by Wyatt Middleton.

This thesis introduces the Model-Based Systems Engineering Methodology for Architecture in System Analysis (MBSE MEASA), which is tailored for coordinating unmanned vehicles across different domains engaged in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) efforts. The in-depth architectural description outlined in this research employs the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to facilitate the evaluation of system requirements in systems engineering. Additionally, it leverages the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) to enhance the MEASA methodology, providing a deeper level of detail for assessing the collaborative performance of cross-domain unmanned systems.

The architecture models primarily focus on the interaction between unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and employ the connection between system architecture products and model-based systems engineering analysis to measure system performance quantitatively. The applied methodology demonstrates the feasibility of a UAV-UGV team effectively carrying out structured, basic tasks within a mission scenario. The outcome of this study is a validated and executable system architecture for collaborative unmanned vehicles operating across different domains. This architecture serves as a conceptual blueprint to guide future research and development endeavors in the field of unmanned vehicles.

Publication Date- June 2018

Architecture Models for Coordination of Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Architecture Models for Coordination of Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles Conducting Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
  • Cooperative Unmanned Air-Ground Vehicle Search and Rescue Exercise
  • Conclusion

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Author- Wyatt Middleton

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