In collaboration with the local defense industry, the Australian Government is extending its military support to Ukraine with an additional allocation of $20 million. This assistance includes a range of Australian-manufactured equipment designed to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities, such as demining tools, portable X-ray machines, a 3D metal printer, and anti-drone systems.

These cutting-edge items are produced by four forward-thinking Australian defense companies: DroneShield, Micro-X, Minelab, and SPEE3D. With this new allocation, Australia’s total support to Ukraine reaches approximately $910 million, encompassing the provision of Bushmaster-protected mobility vehicles, heavy artillery, essential ammunition, and contributions to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

Furthermore, the Royal Australian Air Force has deployed an E-7A Wedgetail aircraft to Germany as part of a multinational effort to safeguard a crucial conduit for international humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. This deployment fulfills a commitment made by the government ahead of the Prime Minister’s attendance at the NATO Summit in Vilnius.

The aircraft has landed at Ramstein Air Base and will be stationed there for six months under Operation Kudu. Up to 100 Australian Defense Force personnel have accompanied the aircraft, although they will not participate in the conflict in Ukraine. Importantly, they will not enter Ukrainian, Russian, or Belarusian airspace during this deployment.

The Albanese Government remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborate with the Ukrainian government and international partners to provide assistance and urge Russia to withdraw from Ukraine promptly. (Statement)

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Post Image- DroneGun Mk4 handheld drone defeat system (Image Credit: DroneShield)