During a meeting in Kyiv last week, BAE Systems revealed its establishment of a local legal entity and signing agreements with the Ukrainian Government. These agreements signify BAE Systems’ commitment to enhancing its support for Ukraine’s armed forces and exploring the possibility of supplying light guns to Ukraine.

BAE Systems, initially responsible for manufacturing a significant portion of the equipment supplied to Ukraine by governments, is currently collaborating with neighboring NATO nations to provide support, training, and repairs to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The first agreement solidifies BAE Systems’ commitment to Ukraine, enabling collaboration with the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) to understand and support their future force structure and capability requirements while aiding the rejuvenation of Ukraine’s industrial base. The second agreement builds upon this support, establishing a framework for BAE Systems to directly engage with Ukraine to explore potential partners and facilitate the production of 105mm Light Guns within the country. BAE Systems has already established a local entity prepared to support such endeavors.

These agreements come shortly after Ukraine and Sweden inked a statement of intent to enhance cooperation in the production, operation, training, and servicing of the CV90 platform, which is presently manufactured by BAE Systems’ Hägglunds business in Sweden.

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Post Image- L-R: Oleksii Reznikov, Christian Seear, President Zelenskyy, Gabby Costigan and Charles Woodburn (Image Credit: BAE Systems)