Today, BlueHalo, a top provider of critical technologies and capabilities in the Space, Air, and Cyber domains, has made an announcement that it has acquired Verus Technology Group, Inc.

Verus, established in 2014, specializes in designing, developing, and integrating products for countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (c-UAS) using cutting-edge radio frequency (RF) and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. Their primary offering, SkyView, stands out in the market by providing exceptional passive RF-based detection, identification, tracking, and telemetry extraction of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). Available in fixed-site and mobile configurations, SkyView has numerous applications ranging from military to commercial, such as safeguarding critical infrastructure. Verus is well-regarded for delivering superior performance and ease-of-use, which has helped the company serve a diverse range of demanding customers across the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC). The company has even secured two Programs of Record with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and Special Operations Command (SOCOM), as well as civilian, commercial, and international markets.

BlueHalo’s acquisition of Verus is a strategic move that aligns well with the company’s existing portfolio of solutions. Specifically, it complements BlueHalo’s AI/ML-enabled, RF-based Titan c-UAS product, as well as its Locust directed energy c-UAS solution and ARGUS Perimeter Security solution. The integration of Verus’s proprietary platform and software with BlueHalo’s existing technology will enable the combined enterprise to offer a superior suite of products. These will be designed to support the warfighter on the ever-evolving next-generation battlefield and provide comprehensive protection for critical infrastructure against adversarial threats.

Insights from BlueHalo and Verus

“Verus has consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver critical, innovative c-UAS solutions to the most demanding customers across the DoD, IC and civilian markets.  Combining SkyView and the team’s proven ability to innovate at mission speed alongside BlueHalo’s Titan system positions BlueHalo as the #1 c-UAS provider in the market,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, Chief Executive Officer of BlueHalo.  “We are incredibly excited to bring Verus into BlueHalo and provide an integrated, superior set of solutions offering a protective ring around our customers as we seek to neutralize the ongoing c-UAS threat.”

David Wodlinger, a Managing Partner at Arlington Capital Partners, said “Drone technology continues to proliferate, allowing bad actors to acquire greater capability at a lower cost.  The U.S., and the world more broadly, are not yet adequately prepared for the threat that drones pose to our critical infrastructure and national security.  Within BlueHalo, we plan to invest an increasing amount of resources into bringing to market the best c-UAS solutions to address these emerging threats.”

John Abbey, CEO and Founder of Verus, shared “We are incredibly excited to partner with BlueHalo as we continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.  Joining BlueHalo will allow us to deliver an expanded set of capabilities and resources to both new and existing customers as we focus on achieving an even greater mission impact.  We’re thrilled to continue to push boundaries and deliver critical technology and capabilities to the warfighter with BlueHalo.”

Henry Albers, a Vice President at Arlington Capital Partners, said “We have tracked Verus for many years as the Company has developed into the clear leader for passive RF detect solutions in the c-UAS market.  With access to BlueHalo’s extensive corporate infrastructure and resources, we believe the Company is well positioned to continue its impressive growth trajectory.”

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