Long Distance Bluetooth Low Energy Exploitation on a Wireless Attack Platform is an Air Force Institute of Technology thesis by Stephanie L. Long.

Over the past decade, embedded technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), has experienced significant growth, finding applications in various fields. The expansion of smart home infrastructure has been particularly noteworthy, encompassing networked appliances such as refrigerators, lighting systems, speakers, watches, and more. This proliferation of wireless protocols has created an expanded attack surface for cyber actors, making IoT traffic vulnerable to interception by potential attackers.

The attack platform, skypie, has undergone upgrades to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon collection capabilities, allowing for the extraction of pattern-of-life data and enumeration of device characteristics. By mounting the skypie onto a chosen medium, such as a drone, the attacker can remotely control the prototype to collect BLE beacons within proximity. The assessment reveals that the attacker can collect BLE beacons from a distance of over a quarter of a mile at an elevation of 3.05 meters. Additionally, the attacker can interact with the device for characteristic enumeration up to 350 meters at the same elevation. Furthermore, BLE beacons can be collected from just under a quarter of a mile away at an elevation of 1 meter, with interaction possible up to 200 meters. These findings highlight the potential risks associated with the increasing reach and capabilities of IoT-related wireless technologies.

Publication Date– March 2021

Long Distance Bluetooth Low Energy Exploitation on a Wireless Attack Platform contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Background and Literature Review
  • Prototype Design
  • Methodology
  • Results and Analysis
  • Conclusions

Author- Stephanie L. Long

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