According to a post on “X” from Ecuador Interior Minister Juan Zapata and Barron’s, a drone with a suspected explosive device was neutralized after a render-safe procedure (RSP) was conducted to separate the the device’s components.

A Google translation of Zapata’s post from Spanish to English is as follows:

“#GIR anti-explosion team neutralized the drone to disconnect the power source of the explosive device. The PPL that are in the “regional” area near the perimeter of “La Roca” were transferred to ensure their safety. A PMU was developed.”

The post refers to Ecuador’s La Roca maximum security prison in Guayaquil, which houses many of the country’s most dangerous criminals. In 2021, the SNAI prison authority documented an incident involving drone attacks on the Guayaquil prison complex, which includes La Roca. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, but significant damage occurred to the prison’s roofs.

The post on X that documents the RSP of the suspected device carried by the drone can be found here.

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Image Credit: Screenshot of post from @CapiZapataEC