An opportunity to fulfill portfolio needs has been taken on by the C-UAS partnership of Dedrone and Johnson Controls 

Dedrone, a market leader in airspace security, has joined forces with Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart, sustainable buildings, to address a product need in the C-UAS market. Security threats are rising as more interactions with unauthorized drones occur. There has become a need for a product that can aid in detecting, tracking, and identifying unauthorized drones in any given airspace. With the use of Dedrone’s software and sensors combined with Johnson Controls vast security product portfolio, counter- drone security is now vastly available to protect from airborne threats.   

Through the partnership of Dedrone and Johnson Controls, cloud-based airspace security will be provided worldwide using an open Application Programming Interface. This advanced programming will allow for sophisticated identification and tracking aspects along with being able to track the operator(s) of unauthorized drones and have first responders dispatched quickly.  

Ben Wenger, Chief Revenue Officer of Dedrone, mentioned that, “For counter-drone security to be effective, it cannot be siloed from the overall security measures and tools within an organization.” This integration offers a complete solution for airspace security and makes adding counter-drone security easy.  

“The threat of unauthorized drones has created a gap in security portfolios across numerous industries that need immediate attention,” says Sanjeev Singh, Vice President, Product & Program Management, Security Products, Johnson Controls. “Counter-drone security is a proactive solution to detect and reduce this threat.” Dedrone and Johnson Controls were able to recognize this portfolio gap and collaborate to find a complete security fix for airborne threats.