The CambridgePixel SPx Track Manager software provides a solution to integrating and filtering sensor data from multiple radars and tracking systems into one common operating picture for ease of use by sensor operators.

The SPx Track Manager offers a comprehensive solution by seamlessly integrating and refining sensor data derived from radar and tracking systems developed by various manufacturers. The ever-evolving landscape of radar technology has led to the simultaneous use of cutting-edge equipment and legacy models. In this context, merging data from a diverse array of radars and sensors poses a formidable challenge for developers in terms of surveillance and detection capabilities.

To address this complex task, Cambridge Pixel developed the SPx Track Manager, a versatile utility that handles multiple functions and channels. This tool provides vital support for processing track data from various radars and sensors. Its key features include track format conversion, filtering, error correction, network routing, and a dual-redundant operational mode.

The track manager converts incoming tracks from standard and proprietary protocols into a uniform internal representation. This standardized representation enables subsequent filtering based on track attributes such as geographical area, speed, course, altitude, and classification. Leveraging its multi-channel capability, the track manager allows the application of multiple filters, enabling the selective routing of tracks to different network destinations. Additionally, the track data can be rectified for fixed errors in range and azimuth specific to each radar source.

This solution found practical implementation within a national air defense system. The SPx Track Manager was pivotal in transforming track data from numerous legacy radars spread across the country into a consistent format while implementing azimuthal corrections when required. These converted track reports, facilitated by the track manager, were subsequently integrated using the SPx Fusion Server. The fused data was presented to operators through the ASD-100 software, offering a comprehensive and integrated national air picture.

Equipped with a web-based interface, the SPx Track Manager provides operators access to a map display illustrating track positions and configuration settings for filters, geographical zones, and other operational parameters. Furthermore, the system supports operator-initiated classification and manual filtering of specific tracks through a network control interface integrated with display applications.

Supported track inputs include Cat 48, NMEA TTM, GeoJSON, SGF 1.1, and several proprietary formats. Converted, filtered and corrected tracks can be output in many formats including Cat 48, SPx, and NMEA TTM.

Commenting on the new product, Cambridge Pixel’s managing director, David Johnson, said “SPx Track Manager is an extremely versatile product that handles many interfacing, translation, conversion and filtering tasks that are commonly encountered when building radar systems.”

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