Kraken Technology Group is excited to announce a formal partnership with L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX) to advance the integration of control systems within the K4 MANTA prototype.

This collaboration marks a crucial milestone in the technological evolution of Kraken’s K4 MANTA platform, laying the groundwork for developing enhanced autonomous capabilities and, ultimately, achieving full autonomy.

The K4, an uncrewed surface-subsurface (USSV) platform, utilizes foils for rapid surface transit before submerging for covert maneuvers. As a high-performance vessel, the K4 requires robust and cutting-edge control systems, and L3Harris brings the necessary components and expertise for seamless integration into the K4 MANTA. These integrated systems will facilitate remote control of the uncrewed platform, supporting engineering testing, foil development, powertrain calibration, and demonstration in preparation for further advancements in subsequent developmental stages.

“We look forward to working with L3Harris on the implementation of key systems for K4 MANTA as a foundation for future developments,” said Mal Crease, Founder and CEO of Kraken Technology Group.

“L3Harris is proud to collaborate with Kraken on this groundbreaking platform,” said Mark Exeter, Managing Director, ASV, L3Harris. “Our two companies possess complementary skills, benefiting both organizations through this venture. Furthermore, this collaboration paves the way for broader collaboration, capitalizing on our shared expertise and further facilitated by our proximity to Portsmouth, a renowned UK marine innovation hub.” (Press Release)

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Graphic Image Credit: Kraken Technology Group