In January of this year, EMTECH and Telespazio Germany GmbH – a subsidiary of Telespazio, which is a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) – entered into a collaboration agreement for the resale of the DIDIT drone detection system in Greece.

DIDIT stands for Distributed Detection, Identification, and Tracking of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: a state-of-the-art solution developed by Telespazio Germany for automated detection, location and tracking of UAVs. EMTECH is now authorized to resell the solution in Greece.

As unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) become more widespread, the availability of low-cost, easy-to-use small drones has made them a popular choice across all sectors of society, including public organizations, industrial companies, and even individuals. Due to the potential risks posed by drones, such as privacy violations, espionage, information leaks, and property security, there is a growing need for control, security, and defense applications to manage their use effectively.

Greece Drone Detection Solution Utilizes Multiple Technologies

DIDIT leverages a range of sensor types to detect traditional radio-frequency controlled and autonomous drones in any topographical position and weather conditions. By intelligently combining sensor data from radio frequency detection, electro-optical, and radar sensors, DIDIT achieves an optimal detection rate and a high level of protection. The fusion of data from the range of sensors enhances measurement redundancy, improves accuracy, and enables the identification of any faulty sensors. This approach eliminates ambiguities and ensures that drones detected by multiple sensors are treated and displayed as a single object.

Over the past two years, EMTECH has developed a new Strategic Business Unit focused on Defense & Security systems. The unit’s objective is to provide cutting-edge solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence, system optimization, and advanced sensors – including drone detection and magnetic anomaly detection – for situational awareness, training simulation systems, and other defense and security applications that meet customer needs.

Comments from Mr. Nikolas Livanos, Managing Director of EMTECH

“We are glad to sign this important reseller agreement with Telespazio to promote DIDIT in Greece. Together with Telespazio, today we offer a reliable solution to mitigate small drone risks. We already have several contacts in Greece, such as refineries, civilian and military airports, and governmental buildings & infrastructures. We have discussed the security risks, hypothetical unwanted security attacks against state insurance, and the current vital need for public and private security with several stakeholders and potential customers. Our role in this collaboration is not only to act as a reseller, but due to our deep technology know-how, provide a tailored solution to customer needs. Our intention is to provide continuous support and system evolution following possible new requirements and extensions.”

Comments from Mr. Sigmar Keller, CEO of Telespazio Germany GmbH

“We are thrilled to announce that our company has entered into a reseller agreement with EMTECH, a reputable and leading technology and solution provider in Greece. This partnership will allow us to introduce our cutting-edge drone detection solution, DIDIT, to the Greek market. DIDIT is a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide early situational awareness of drone approaches.

With EMTECH’s extensive knowledge and experience, we are providing valuable protection against the threat to businesses, organizations and critical infrastructure. As the use of drones becomes more prevalent, the need for effective drone detection solutions is becoming increasingly important and reliable information for decision-making. We are committed to providing the best solution to meet this growing need, and we are confident that our partnership with EMTECH will be a great success.” (Press Release)

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