The Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium, a program of the National Institute of Justice, provided an overview of technologies and issues associated with detection and response, titled Contraband and Drones in Correctional Facilities.

This technology brief sheds light on the subject as part of a comprehensive series centered on contraband within correctional facilities. The series delves into various types of contraband and explores the technologies and products utilized to remotely identify contraband on individuals, in vehicles, within the mail, and across correctional environments. Specifically, this brief presents an overview of the available options and the challenges involved in detecting and addressing contraband delivered by drones in correctional facilities across the United States.

Publication Date: October 2022

Contraband and Drones in Correctional Facilities contains the following major sections:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Drone Threats
  • Managing Drones and Contraband Drops in Facilities
  • Example Drone Management Products and Companies
  • Key Considerations for Leaders in the Corrections Community
  • Key Questions to Ask

There are no noted distribution limitations to this document. The technology brief is included as an attachment below. All credit goes to its rightful owner.

Authors: Dix, M. O., Mecray, M., Man, J., Vetter, E., Tucker, M., Parsons, N.,
Craig, T., & Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium.

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Post Image- Aerial view of a California prison (Image Credit: envatoelements by SundryPhotography)