In a recent article in the Caribbean National Weekly, it was reported that the National Security Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Fitzgerald Hinds, has disclosed the rise in the usage of drones to drop contraband into the country’s prisons illegally. He warned that authorities are now acting on this increasingly complex security challenge.

“The use of drones as a more recent and a more modern technology has now entered into the theatre and we are mindful of that. We have ample evidence of the use of drones as we tighten up other areas, have scanners searching prison officers, searching persons going and patrolling around the institution,” Hinds informed.

Hinds emphasized that the authorities are well aware of the situation and are actively taking measures to address it. He further cautioned that drone owners engaged in illicit activities would be subject to legal repercussions.

“As you heard the Commissioner of Prisons report, some of them have been shot down, several of them have been confiscated and investigations in those regard are continuing. I can assure you that the government is mindful of the problem and I give you even greater assurance that action is being taken,” he continued.

Recently, the Police and Prison Services initiated investigations after videos surfaced, suggesting drones were being used to deliver contraband to the main prison in Arouca, known as Golden Grove.

According to a senior prison official who disclosed this to a newspaper, there have been around seven drones frequently entering the Maximum Security Prison, both during the day and night. These drones were allegedly transporting various items, including cartons of cigarettes, wrapping paper, marijuana, cellphones, Wi-Fi boxes, and unspecified items that could potentially jeopardize the prison’s security.

In addition to the aforementioned items, the official further revealed that weapons, such as knives and gun parts, are also being smuggled into the prison using the same method.

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Post Image- Aerial view of San Fernando city against the dusk sky at sunset in Trinidad and Tobago (Image Credit: envatoelements by wirestock)