Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems Interoperability in the Global Geopolitical Environment is a Naval Post Graduate School thesis by Allen N. Golphin III, and Boswyck D. Offord II.  This thesis explores Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) hardware interoperability and effectiveness needs that takes into consideration legal restrictions, UAS threats, operational interferences, host operational authority, and other important factors.

Publication Date- September 2021

This thesis contains the following main sections:

1- Introduction

2- Background

3- Adversarial UAS Operators

4- UAS Technologies

5- UAS Threats in Each Area of Responsibility

6- Current USN and USMC CUAS Technologies

7- Modeling and Simulation of the Effectiveness of CUAS Technologies

8- CUAS Legal Limitations in Each Area of Responsibility

9- Conclusion and Future Work

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Authors- Allen N. Golphin III and Boswyck D. Offord II

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