Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies and Operations examines, among other things, technical, legal and ethical dimensions of behavior regarding electronic warfare, cybersecurity, directed energy, acoustical countermeasures and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS).

Publication Date- February 1, 2020

This publication has the following main sections:

Part 1- Counter-UAS (C-UAS) Operations as a Concept

  • The Role of Information Technology
  • Understanding C-UAS Purpose and Process
  • Developing a C-UAS Strategy, Goals, Options, Target Analyses, Process Selection, Operational Metrics Approaches to Countering UAS Activities (First Principles)
  • Planning for Resiliency and Robustness

Part 2-C-UAS Technologies and Processes

  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • C-UAS Evolving Methods of Interdiction
  • UAS Area/Airspace Denial
  • Emerging Interdiction Technologies
  • Non-Kinetic: Military Avionics, EW, CW, DE SCADA Defenses

Part 3- Counter C-UAS

  • When the Other Side Fights Back- Cyberwarfare, Directed Energy Weapons, Acoustics, Integrating C-UAS into Planning
  • Thinking Like the Enemy: Seams in the Zone

Part 4- Legal and Administrative Issues

  • C-UAS Regulation, Legislation, & Litigation from a Global Perspective
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 Authors- Randall K. Nichols, Hans C. Mumm, Wayne D. Lonstein, Julie J.C.H. Ryan, Candice Carter, and John-Paul Hood

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