Preparing for Hostile Drones in Urban Environments is a report by the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN). The report contributors and reviewers include Christopher Church, Valerio Liberatori, Garik Markarian, Khalil Otmane, Mike Paterson, Project Stadia, Andrew Staniforth, Alex Townsend-Drake, Kris Wright, and Paul Monk.

Urban environments, critical infrastructure, public places, and other similar locations are vulnerable targets for terrorist attacks and require continuous security and preparedness. Protecting these areas is not without risks and vulnerabilities and requires a comprehensive multi-agency cooperative approach to safeguard individuals, assets, information, and organizations from various threats.

Drone threats transcend borders and remain a priority for protection and preparedness at local and national levels. This problem requires preparation, training, policies, procedures, interagency collaboration, and technology.

This report focuses on the evolution of drones and how this applies to domestic settings. It reviews the current and potential drone threats and draws upon existing guidance to distill considerations around the protective security and multi-agency preparedness needed to counter and respond to hostile drones.

Publication Date– 2024

Preparing for Hostile Drones in Urban Environments contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • The Rise of Drones
  • The Use of Drones in Warfare
  • The Domestic Threat of Drones
  • Protecting Against Hostile Drones at Specific Sites
  • Preparing for Hostile Drones in Open Urban Environments
  • Summary and Recommendations

This document has no noted distribution or sharing limitations.

Post Image- Manhattan Skyline- New York City (Image Credit: envatoelements by haveseen