Since 2021, the widely followed Dawn of Drones podcast has been connecting a global audience directly with influential individuals and platforms that are shaping the landscape of the drone, advanced air mobility (AAM), and autonomous industries. With over a hundred episodes already produced, the show’s creator, Dawn Zoldi of Colorado-based P3 Tech Consulting LLC (P3 Tech), and producer Mike Pehel of New York’s UpStreem, in collaboration with show presentation partner, the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), announce an exciting evolution for the upcoming 2024 season: a name change to the Dawn of Autonomy.

Show host Dawn Zoldi, a retired 28-year U.S. Air Force Colonel, licensed attorney, certificated Part 107 pilot, and industry expert explains the new autonomy theme, “We’ve already been covering a wide range of emerging technologies on the Dawn of Drones, our related Full Crew newscast and as part of our Law-Tech Connect™ Workshops – from artificial intelligence and weather sensors to AAM infrastructure, multi-domain software, maritime operations, EVs and more.” She continued, “We recognize that, in the future, drones will be one part of an array of automated systems that will act together harmoniously across the full range of use cases, from delivery to inspection to security services. We wanted the name to reflect the wide range of those technologies to be more inclusive, as well as more precise. Words matter.”

In Zoldi and Pehel’s Full Crew newscast, prominent figures in the tech industry engage in discussions on trending topics such as AI, IoT, robotics, and drones. The format incorporates candid first impressions of the stories that influence the industry, providing viewers with valuable insights into the technologies redefining the world.

For the last two years, Zoldi’s Law-Tech Connect™ (LTC) Workshop has been a featured co-located event at the annual AUVSI XPONENTIAL, offering top-tier legal, regulatory, and policy insights into multi-domain uncrewed systems and enabling technologies. This dynamic one-day educational workshop is also recognized as an accredited Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program for attorneys. Plans for the 3rd Annual LTC Workshop are already in progress. It is scheduled to be held in San Diego on April 22, 2024, by P3 Tech and AUVSI.

AUVSI VP of Strategic Programs Keely Griffith said, “We love this name change! It’s consistent with our mission to advance uncrewed systems and robotics across all domains in both the military and commercial sectors. We are excited to continue our partnership with P3 Tech and UpStreem and to help take the show to a whole new level together.”

The 45-minute Dawn of Autonomy podcast will continue to live stream every Wednesday at 9 am MT/11 am ET simultaneously to both AUVSI channels (website, YouTube, X) and Zoldi’s (YouTube, X, Facebook, LinkedIn). It will again feature all-star guests from across the entire uncrewed ecosystem, including space, who discuss their efforts linked to monthly themes. Next year’s themes include “R&D to Real World Ops,” “Dual Use Tech,” and “Secure Skies,” to name a few. The Dawn of Autonomy will kick off the new year with “New Tech” month, sponsored by industry newcomer AIBOT.

The related Drone Law Connections (DLC) drop-in audio chat club on the Clubhouse app will continue to run next year, with two significant changes. Instead of a weekly chat, DLC will become a once-a-month chat on the first Thursday of every month, 11 am MT/1 pm ET. The plan is to have all Dawn of Autonomy guests for any given month join the room to discuss their link to the month’s theme (e.g., “January – New Tech”). Zoldi is also completely handing over the reins to co-hosts Maggie Schuster and Sam “The Dronist” Scully, who played a major role in Clubhouse this year, to moderate the monthly discussions throughout 2024.

For more information about how to book your guest appearance on the 2024 Dawn of Autonomy podcast (which also includes a Clubhouse audio chat) contact Dawn Zoldi at info@p3techconsulting or Mike Greeson at

About AUVSI 

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems and robotics, represents corporations and professionals from more than 60 countries involved in industry, government and academia. AUVSI members work in the defense, civil and commercial markets.

About P3 Tech Consulting 

P3 Tech Consulting LLC is a U.S. company that connects people who have a passion for advanced technology platforms with full spectrum policy-relevant information to propel their companies and to do global good. Its services include consulting, expert presentations and publications on tech legal & policy issues, strategic planning and policy/program creation with an emphasis on UAS and AAM. P3 Tech delivers unique education programs and content that partner with academia, the legal ecosystem, technical programs and commercial expos.

About UpStreem 

UpStreem provides technical production services. The company has more than 10 years of experience producing video content, building websites and fostering community growth and business development across various social media platforms. Its CEO, Mike Pehel has passion for innovative marketing techniques. He has worked as a marketer in the commercial drone industry and acted as an advocate and voice for the industry in his former role as Chair of the InterDrone conference.

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