Meet the former FBI Counter-UAS program teammates who co-founded both AeroVigilance and its online resource website C-UAS Hub, Casey Flanagan, President and Tom Adams, Chief Executive Officer, this week on the Dawn of Drones, as we kick off a new month dedicated to Multi-Domain Ops Support sponsored by MatrixSpace!

Flanagan and Adams formed AeroVigilance to leverage their extensive counter UAS and law enforcement experience to consult, train and serve others in multi-domain emerging tech industries. The company’s C-Hub provides website visitors with a knowledge base about counter UAS, airspace awareness and related issues like no other.

Join Dawn as she engages in a conversation with Casey and Tom about how counter-UAS is a key enabler to open up the full range of emerging air, land and sea operations. Topics will include, among other things, remote identification, practical airspace awareness and protection tips and a review of the laws and policies that have the potential to make or break our ability to protect critical assets from the clueless, careless and criminal. Whether you support the military, homeland defense, critical infrastructure or private business, this is a must see episode!