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Meet MatrixSpace, the company that has reimagined radar with its break-thru form factor and unsurpassed performance, to support a wide range of multi-domain missions! MatrixSpace is also this month’s sponsor for “Multidomain Ops Support Month!”

This week on the Dawn of Drones, Dawn sits down with Lori DeMatteis, Chief Revenue Officer for MatrixSpace who drives the company’s sales and go-to market programs across a range of industries and geographies. Among other things, Lori will discuss the company’s just-released radar module to support a variety of mobile platforms including drones, robots, and eVTOL, portable or installed security systems, target tracking systems This versatile break-thru system can also be used for navigation and collision avoidance, as part of a detect-and-avoid system, for target detection and tracking., as well as sports performance analysis. To provide coverage that scales from small to very large areas, including low level airspace, the company provides a suite of complementary tech including mmWave mesh networks and the MatrixSense AI System.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about how MatrixSpace integrates feeds from multiple sensor technologies and brings them to customers at a disruptive price, size and performance point.