BT Group’s Digital unit has announced entering into a £5 million deal with Altitude Angel. As a world leader in UTM (Unified Traffic Management), Altitude Angel, along with BT, will be able to scale the UK drone industry and support the drone superhighway. This is set to be the largest network of its kind. 

UTM is the platform that allows drones to fly successfully and safely without a pilot over long distances. The £5 million deal will speed up Altitude Angel’s reveal of its ARROW technology. This transformative technology can detect and identify drones while enabling drones to share the airspace with crewed aircraft. 

This deal is a major step in allowing Altitude Angel to achieve the technology for long-distance drone flights, allowing the potential for faster delivery of items. This advancement is crucial for drone innovation, supporting commercial and retail use, and enabling drones to enhance how essential services function. 

165 Mile Drone Corridor

Post Project Xcelerate success, the relationship between BT Group and Altitude Angel has continued to grow, especially under Project Skyway. Arrow, which was developed by Altitude Angel, is the foundation Project Skyway is built on. This will create a 165-mile drone path over Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry, and Rugby. 

Under this deal, BT Group is responsible for providing connectivity, network infrastructure, and scalability experience to deploy and maintain the ARROW tower network. BT Group is going to be the key reseller of Altitude Angel’s software along with providing commercial support for drone deliveries. This technology will allow for smart city development and enhanced capabilities for emergency services and the defense community. 

Financial backing from the UK Government will allow Altitude Angel to accelerate their development plans for the Skyway corridor. This increases the potential of the corridor going beyond the 165-mile reaching thousands of miles of Skyway infrastructure. 

“With BT Group, Altitude Angel has a partner which shares its ambition to make automated commercial drone operations at scale in the UK a day-to-day reality,” says Richard Parker, CEO and founder of Altitude Angel. He continues with, “Combining our ARROW technology, which allows crewed and uncrewed aircraft to share the same skies, safely and securely, with BT Group’s significant communications infrastructure, we can quickly bring ARROW to the masses. This will provide the UK with the first nationwide drone superhighways, unlocking the potential of this new and innovative technology and revolutionizing business operations in countless industries.” 

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