Dedrone, a leading global provider of airspace security solutions, has reported a remarkable 300% growth in revenue and secured 16 new governmental contracts worldwide in the past year. The company has established its Defense Advisory Board, featuring General Richard D. Clarke (US Army, retired) and former Acquisition Executive for United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) James Smith as inaugural members. Brigadier General James Bienlien (US Army, retired) has joined Dedrone as Vice President of Defense. In response to the increasing priority of counter-drone capabilities in warfare, Dedrone is enhancing its partnerships with defense departments globally, including the United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

Drones now play a crucial role in every modern conflict, and the war in Ukraine has shown that fast development cycles are key to a strong defense. Dedrone is uniquely qualified to be an agile mission partner for our clients with best-in-class AI/ML-driven software combined with modularly deployable tactical hardware to drive ultra-fast deployment, adoption, and response to dynamic situations. This capability has led to our continued success in working with national defense organizations globally,” said Rob Campbell, General Manager of Dedrone Defense. “We are proud to have both Gen. Clarke and Jim Smith advising us as we strengthen our relationship with global defense ministries.”

Dedrone has become a trusted mission partner for airspace and national security in Ukraine, offering AI-enabled expeditionary solutions tailored for dynamic conflict conditions. Leveraging intelligence and data directly from the theater, Dedrone can rapidly develop robust machine learning models, outpacing legacy closed-loop Department of Defense (DoD) systems. Dedrone has recently opened an office in Denmark to expedite these advancements further, facilitating real-time development and testing with access to high-end sensors and threat simulation capabilities. Dedrone’s active role is underscored by its participation as one of 15 inaugural signatories of the Ukraine Defence Industry Compact. It contributes vital defense technology to support the country in its ongoing fight.

Defense Advisory Board Signals Commitment to Defense

The first members of Dedrone’s Defense Advisory Board and its new Vice President of Defense reflect the company’s growing relationships with the US DoD and other defense departments globally. General Richard D. Clarke, the 12th Commander of USSOCOM and former Director for Strategic Plans and Policy (J5) at the Joint Staff, has joined Dedrone’s Defense Advisory Board. His extensive experience and leadership in strategic planning and policy at the Pentagon enhance Dedrone’s capabilities and relationships within the defense sector.

“As we’ve seen recently in conflicts in Ukraine and in the Middle East, the threat of drones is real, and it is here to stay.  The need to quickly respond to changing capabilities and developments requires nations around the world to look for partners capable of handling the rapid pace of innovation. Dedrone has recently shown that capability with its tremendous work in Ukraine, and I am honored to join its Defense Advisory Board to offer my insights into how best to ensure these needed capabilities get into the hands of our warfighters, allies, and partners,” said Gen. Clarke.

James Smith, a former US Department of Defense Senior Executive and Acquisition Executive for USSOCOM, has joined Dedrone’s Defense Advisory Board. With over 30 years of leadership experience in acquiring cutting-edge technologies for the DoD, Smith’s expertise strengthens Dedrone’s position in the defense sector.

Brig. Gen. Bienlien, the former Deputy Commanding General of the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) and Senior Commander at Natick Soldier Systems Center brings 30 years of military service, including roles as the Chief of Staff for Army Futures Command. His extensive experience contributes valuable insights to Dedrone’s Defense Advisory Board as the company strengthens its partnerships with defense departments globally.

Dedrone has experienced exceptional growth with over a 300% increase in revenue, securing 16 new governmental contracts globally, including collaborations with the US Department of Defense (DoD). Dedrone is actively engaged with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to address urgent requirements and has obtained the necessary credentials for specialized contract work with the DoD. Dedrone’s membership in the Global Special Operations Forces (GSOF) Foundation also underscores its commitment to connecting with key stakeholders in special operations forces activities worldwide.

Dedrone’s counter-drone solutions have been implemented in 32 countries and are utilized by five G-7 nation governments, securing 810+ sites, including 46+ airports and 60 stadiums. The company actively collaborates with public safety entities, protecting over 350 sites globally and contributing to its recognition in the airspace security industry. Dedrone has received accolades such as CNBC Disruptor 50, Silicon Valley Defense Group NatSec100, three Platinum ASTOR Homeland Security 2023 awards, and a Best Place to Work designation from Built In in the last year.

Post Image Credit- Dedrone