At the recent EDGE ’23 event hosted by the U.S. Army, Northrop Grumman Corporation effectively showcased its Deep-Sensing and Targeting (DSaT) platform.

Key achievements during a simulated tactical scenario included:

  • Gathered and fused multi-domain data for rapid dissemination to the Tactical Operations Center;
  • Collected and analyzed data from commercial satellites onboard the aircraft;
  • Met 100-percent of the criteria for the experimentation

Expert insight from Pablo Pezzimenti, Vice President of Integrated National Systems at Northrop Grumman, highlighted the transformative potential of their technology in enabling the Army to enhance deep-sensing capabilities. This involves identifying, monitoring, targeting, and neutralizing threats from extended distances with greater accuracy. The technology aids intelligence collection beyond the line of sight, utilizing aerial resources to provide multi-domain fused data directly to frontline operations.

Details about DSaT:

DSaT integrates a multi-domain deep-sensing architecture into a civilian aircraft, enabling intelligence collection beyond the range of local sensors. Leveraging aspects of the TITAN pre-prototype system, it addresses data collection gaps by combining space-based geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) imagery with airborne and terrestrial intelligence from commercial and military space systems. Phase 1 has effectively demonstrated GEOINT capabilities, with future phases incorporating various intelligence platforms.

Northrop Grumman, a renowned global aerospace and defense technology company, offers pioneering solutions that empower customers to secure, connect, and explore the world while continually pushing the boundaries of human exploration. Driven by a collective commitment to solving complex challenges, their dedicated workforce of 98,000 employees consistently redefines the realm of possibilities. (Press Release)

Post Image- The CRJ-700 jet was used at EDGE ‘23 in Yuma, Arizona to demonstrate DSaT’s multi-domain deep sensing architecture. The DSaT capabilities are integrated into a civilian aircraft, providing intelligence collection that can reach beyond local sensors’ visual line of sight. (Photo Credit: Northrop Grumman)