The Cabinet has given the go-ahead for the DAA to complete the purchase of counter-drone technology. Non-kinetic measures will be used, such as radio frequency (RF) jamming or other electronic means.

Instructions to “select the most appropriate system for the immediate to short-term pending a deeper analysis of medium to longer-term solution” has been given to the DAA. Approval for the DAA to operate the technology in the immediate short-term has been given “as an emergency measure.”

The Government believes this will bring “urgency and clarity” to the DAA’s role in the selection, purchase, deployment, and operation of the counter-drone system.

DAA will meet the cost of the system at Dublin Airport. The new system should be in place in the coming weeks.

A state agency may take over operations for both drone detection and counter-drone solutions sometime around July 1st.

The Dublin Airport has been plagued with disruptions caused by drones flying near the airport, causing frustrating delays and online banter between the airline industry and the government.

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