Last year’s successful Future Proof DFR and Airspace Awareness Summit returns to Huntsville for 2024. Last year, Skyfire, AeroVigilance/C-UAS Hub, and the University of Alabama Huntsville’s Rotorcraft Center collaborated to host a series of successful events over three days. These events featured Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter UAS demonstrations, hands-on training sessions, and live scenario-based exercises. The activities occurred on a 2,200-acre UAS test site west of Huntsville International Airport. Attendees included local and state first responders from police and fire departments, military personnel, Department of Defense (DOD) representatives, and industry media members.

This year’s event, held from May 8-10, 2024, will see the debut of the Rise DFR Village at the Future Proof location. Attendees will experience three days of immersive learning and hands-on training with leading UAS and airspace awareness organizations and experts.

The Rise DFR village is a UAS and Counter-UAS training facility that features:

  • 2,200 acres of varying terrain for overwatch, search and rescue, tracking, and various security and rescue simulations

  • Best-in-class radar, visual detection systems, and emerging detect-and-avoid technologies give RISE one of the most comprehensive airspace awareness systems in the country

  • Advanced tactical facilities for SWAT and confined space training

  • Located in Rocket City, USA – Huntsville, AL, the birthplace of the U.S. Space Program and home to over 70 federal entities

  • In partnership with the University of Alabama Huntsville’s Autonomous Aerospace Research Center (A2R), giving visitors and partners access to cutting-edge research capabilities

The event is free for public safety, military, and U.S. government employees. Last year’s exhibitors and sponsors included NIST, Echodyne, Parrot, Airobotics, DroneSense, D-Fend Solutions, Sentrycs, SAIC, Autel Robotics, and AIRDATA UAV. Sponsorships and opportunities for industry to participate are still available.