The Security Planning Workbook is an extensive resource aimed at aiding critical infrastructure owners and operators craft a fundamental security plan. This workbook is intentionally adaptable and adjustable to accommodate the diverse requirements of various facilities.

It is primarily intended for individuals engaged in an organization’s security planning initiatives. This includes individuals or teams with varying levels of security knowledge responsible for safeguarding facilities and people. The product offers detailed explanations of crucial security planning components and provides a wide range of resources. Additionally, it incorporates fillable fields to assist stakeholders in their planning endeavors.

Publication Date– September 2023

The Security Planning Workbook contains the following major sections:

  • Forming a Planning Team
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Mitigation Considerations
  • Additional Elements of Your Security Plan
  • Supplemental Planning Options
  • Resources

There are no noted distribution limitations of this publicly available document.

Author– Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)