Altitude Angel and Saab are joining forces to build upon their existing platforms and fuse their technology together. Market-leading UTM technology from Altitude Angel and Saab’s Digital Tower (r-TWR) offering will be integrated as a result of the partnership.

Saab r-TWR is an innovative Digital Tower solution. It builds upon “proven Saab video processing, visual presentation, and automation solutions,” (Altitude Angel). This Digital Tower solution is a flexible and expandable solution for a broad spectrum of use cases. The Saab r-TWR has been deployed for civil and military airports in Sweden, the UK, the U.S., and Germany. The next areas this solution will move into are Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, and Romania.  

Since the formal partnership has been set, Altitude Angel will be integrating its GuardianUTM service into the r-TWR digital tower solution Saab offers. This will allow ANSPs and appropriate stakeholders to digitally authorize and manage uncrewed flights along with crewed flights, They will have the ability to communicate authorization, clearance, and in-flight instructions to provide situational awareness of drone operations. 

Richard Ellis, the Chief Business Officer of Altitude Angel said, “We’ve been working with Saab Tower Systems and Saab (operation the world’s first Digital Tower Centre in Sundsvall, Sweden) for some time and I’m excited to announce the formal partnership agreement. Our partnership with Saab allows us to seamlessly fuse cutting-edge ATM and UTM technologies in one innovative offering, reducing time, effort, and complexity for airports, ANSPs, and drone operators to safely carry out operations integrated into the airspace.” 

Ellis continued with, “Through the integration of GuardianUTM, Saab will be able to provide Digital Towers which are equipped and ready for the demands of our future skies, as the use of drones increases and Urban Air Mobility through eVTOL aircraft becomes a day-to-day occurrence.”

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