From Battle to Homeland: Does Battlefield Leadership Work in Homeland Security is a Naval Postgraduate School thesis by Geir J. Gabrielson.

In response to the increasing complexity of threats to the homeland, the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) has adopted the military leadership approach of mission command to navigate dynamic situations. This thesis conducted case studies on Super Storm Sandy, Camp Fire, and the 1 October Las Vegas Shooting to assess the extent and impact of mission command on HSE responses.

The study explored which elements of mission command should be more seamlessly integrated into the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System and proposed strategies for implementation. Recognizing the growing need for coordination in the face of heightened threats, the thesis suggested that employing mission command could enhance interoperability between civil and military authorities.

The findings indicated a positive correlation between the adoption of mission command and improved response performance in the HSE, leading to the conclusion that mission command has positively influenced the HSE. The thesis recommends formally integrating mission command into the Federal Emergency Management Agency incident response system, advocating for a multi-year implementation process modeled after military doctrinal change. Additionally, the study introduced a new visualization of mission command within the Boyd OODA loop.

Publication Date- June 2023

From Battle to Homeland: Does Battlefield Leadership Work in Homeland Security contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Mission Command
  • Department of Defense Response During Super Storm Sandy
  • Wildland Fire: Camp Fire
  • Law Enforcement Centric Response
  • Assessment of Mission Command in Homeland Security Enterprise
  • Conclusion

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Author- Geir J. Gabrielson

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