The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Counter-UAS coordination efforts were requested to be assessed by the Department of Transportation at the request of the Ranking Members of the House Subcommittee on Transportation and Infrastructure and its Subcommittee on Aviation.

The objectives of the Counter-UAS coordination audit were to (1) assess the FAA’s process with coordinating with other Federal agencies authorized to issue guidance and implement the use of Counter-UAS technologies; and (2) assess strategies undertaken by the FAA to ensure that the use of Counter-UAS detection and mitigation technologies do not adversely affect aviation and aerospace safety.

The report contained three (3) recommendations to improve the effectiveness of its Counter-UAS coordination and testing programs:

  1. Conduct a UAS detection and C-UAS program assessment that includes a
    determination of future resource needs and organizational structure
    based on how to best align those resources.
  2. Evaluate the UAS detection and C-UAS coordination request process to
    identify and correct inefficiencies to improve timeliness in anticipation of
    future program growth.
  3. Finalize internal UAS detection and C-UAS request processing and
    document retention guidance.

Publication Date- March 30, 2022

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Author- Department of Transportation, Office of the Inspector General

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