On Saturday, 7th October, Palestinian militants launched rocket and drone attacks against various targets in Israel. This was further announced as “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm/Flood,” with several intrusions of Hamas militants infiltrating the border and military checkpoints.

During these initial actions, considerable use of drones has been acknowledged, with some vision appearing via official Hamas channels. Some of the footage is pre-prepared, displaying practice and training videos. This observation documents the use of drones by Hamas during the conflict.

Some key observations in the report include assessments on:

  • The use of quadcopters to drop stabilized munitions on vehicles, people
  • The use of quadcopters to deliver fuze-based explosives against infrastructure
  • The use of quadcopters to film rockets, vehicles, and troops for propaganda
  • The use of fixed-wing kamikaze drones to target infrastructure
Updates to this live report
This situation is evolving, and further iterations will be made to the document. Subsequent and further analysis will be provided to each observation. For the latest version, please locate the document in the platform under ‘Knowledge Base.’


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