DroneShield Ltd has announced that all contractual elements of the Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision System (ACVS) program have been delivered to the Australian Department of Defense under the Phase 2 Defense Innovation Hub program. 

The value of the contract is approximately $800,000. DroneShield has fully received this amount through milestone progress payments. 

There have been significant improvements to DroneShield’s optical/thermal AI DroneOptID engine. There was also the development of a ground-breaking multiSensor Fusion Artificial Intelligence (SFAI) engine. It will be a core part of DroneShield’s Command-and-Control system DroneSentry-C2 in 2023. 

Angus Bean, DroneShield CTO says, “It is clear that the multi-sensor fusion system created by DroneShield is truly unique on a global scale. The algorithms and architecture being used are producing excellent user outcomes, without the ‘server-farm’ levels of compute-power that similar systems require. The SFAI system represents a significant step-change in our C2 capability.” 

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO adds, “The Australian Government’s Defense Innovation Hub funding and project support has been critical in accelerating this technology and making it a reality. The development of sovereign industry capability is a key stated priority of the Australian Government. The Defense Innovation Hub is driving this commitment by supporting Australian companies to build real sovereign capability in Australia by Australians.”

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