DroneShield has announced the incorporation of a long-range radar, the RADA RPS-82, into its flagship DroneSentry System, tailored to cater to the most demanding multi-sensor customer deployments.

The RPS-82 radar significantly elevates the detection, classification, and tracking range for wide area, multi-mission needs of DroneSentry operators. With DroneSentry’s adaptability to multiple radar platforms, DroneShield can offer both high-performance and cost-effective solutions to accommodate various customer requirements and budget constraints.

RADA is a globally renowned leader in Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (counter-UAS) radar system manufacturing, with its radar products widely deployed by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and partner forces across the globe.

The integration of RPS-82 into the DroneSentry sensor system was seamlessly achieved by leveraging the modular and open architecture of DroneSentry-C2, which serves as DroneShield’s enterprise common operating picture platform. These RADA RPS-82 radars are now available with DroneSentry solutions for both existing and prospective customers.

DroneShield radar options can be found at https://www.droneshield.com/products/radars/.

Angus Bean, DroneShield’s CTO, commented “DroneShield is unique globally, in being both a sensor maker and an integrator, developing and manufacturing all of our products, except for the hardware of radars and cameras, where we partner with best-in-breed specialist manufacturers.

Our command-and-control DroneSentry-C2 system intelligently fuses the output from various sensor types through our proprietary SFAI sensorfusion module, producing an easy to understand situational awareness and extensive reporting functionality.

DroneShield’s radiofrequency sensors remain the single best and core way of detecting drones. Where customer’s deployment scenario and budget allow, multi-sensor detection provides a superior approach, when managed by an intelligent C2 software, that is able to  fuse large amounts of sensor data and present the end user with an easy-to-understand situational awareness picture.”

Screenshot of the DroneShield DroneSentry user interface
DroneShield DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control console, incorporate SFAI sensorfusion module


In addition to incorporating the RPS-82 radar, the company has undertaken significant enhancements at its remotely operated facility in the Blue Mountains. These upgrades aim to expand and streamline the development and testing of its platforms. The improvements draw from real-world deployment experiences, including those in Ukraine and other environments where drone threats have become increasingly prominent. This fully equipped facility empowers the team to reduce development timelines and deliver firmware updates more efficiently to DroneShield’s subscribed customer base. The upgraded test facility includes permanently installing the RADA RPS-82 radar system on-site.

The advanced Blue Mountains facility complements the company’s existing testing facility in Northern Virginia in the United States.

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Post Image- Command container module deployed at DroneShield’s Blue Mountains test site, including the RPS-82 radar (Image Credit: DroneShield)