DroneUp, LLC, an autonomous drone delivery platform and provider of drone services, has partnered with Iris Automation, a company that creates AI-powered vision technology for crewed and uncrewed aircraft to prevent mid-air collisions. The collaboration will focus on utilizing Iris Automation’s Casia G technology, specifically designed for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations, along with other sensors to ensure the safe delivery of packages as DroneUp expands its drone delivery services in the United States.

DroneUp plans to utilize the advanced AI and computer vision technology of Casia G to detect incoming aircraft during its flight operations. With its full 360° field of view and optical detection capabilities, Casia G provides a robust system for classifying and alerting DroneUp to any nearby aircraft. In order to expand its operations to new regions and users, DroneUp will deploy multiple Casia G nodes to create a network that covers a large area. This will enable the company to gain situational awareness and respond proactively by moving its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to safe zones away from any detected aircraft. The primary goal is to safeguard DroneUp’s airspace and ensure the safety of its flight operations.

By deploying nodes at DroneUp’s launch and recovery locations and in various delivery areas, Casia G will operate like a cellular tower-style service, offering DroneUp complete visibility of its airspace. If any object enters DroneUp’s operational region, the Casia G system will generate an alert and transmit relevant data to the DroneUp flight team. This will enable the team to respond appropriately and take necessary actions to avoid any potential collision.

“We’re very excited to partner with Iris Automation, whose priorities on innovation and safety align directly with DroneUp’s mission,” said John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp. “The technology behind Casia G for BVLOS has the potential to be a game-changer in demonstrating that delivery in more populated areas can be as convenient and secure as it currently is in rural environments. Through this partnership DroneUp can dramatically scale operations, freed from restrictions.”

“DroneUp’s widespread success in commercializing drone delivery has been amazing to date,” said Iris Automation CEO, Jon Damush. “Through the use of Casia G, DroneUp will be able to remove visual observers – creating a path to more economical scaling of their operations while simultaneously improving safety. Iris is proud to partner with DroneUp in this effort.”

Post Image- Casia G detects cooperative aircraft broadcasting ADS-B and non-cooperative traffic using Iris Automation’s patented computer vision system and artificial intelligence software. (Photo Credit: Iris Automation)

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