EDGE has officially launched SKYSHIELD, a multilayer integrated counter-UAS solution, on the first day of the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2023). 

Consisting of advanced sensors, 3D radars, electro-optic (EO) cameras, direction finders, and effectors networked into EDGE’s command and control system, this solution allows for real time situational awareness. There is the ability to automatically detect and engage with drone threats will also be present. Defeat is possible by using EDGE’s spoofing and jamming solutions, along with other key countermeasures. 

SKYSHIELD can be configured for fixed installation in important areas to ensure the safety of important infrastructure. It will be packaged as a rapid deploy solution for civilian and military vehicles, trucks, and ships. The system, consisting of automated 360 degree detect and defeat capabilities for anti-drone protection, is targeted for military, law enforcement, security, and VIP protection markets. 

“As the demand for counter-drone protection is rapidly rising, we are proud to launch SKYSHIELD to the UAE and international markets,” Omar Al Zaabi, Senior Vice President of Trading & Mission Support at Edge, says. “Responding to drones and the threat they pose requires a comprehensive approach, which is why this C-UAS solution employs an impressive variety of detection and interception techniques and can be configured for permanent implementation or as a rapidly deployable system. Strengthening sovereign capabilities is a strategic priority for EDGE and SIGN4L, and launching a robust solution such as SKYSHIELD reflects our steadfast commitment to securing the nation with cutting-edge UAE-manufactured equipment.”

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