Edgesource Corporation announced it donated approximately two million dollars in Counter-UAS equipment to Ukraine in 2022. The small business, which delivers innovative solutions to the public sector, donated their Windtalker™ drone detection technology and the Dowding™ centralized common operating platform to the Ukranian Army.

Edgesource’s Windtalker™ solution detects and locates drones and their pilots within a range of 35+ kilometers. The system can be easily deployed in less than 30 minutes and can acquire more than 30 different fields of data. The system can gather data such as serial number, home location, drone location, operator location, flight path, velocity, and altitude.

The Dowding™ system provides users with a secure, single-pane operating platform that displays and analyzes UAS activity and creates real-time intelligence reports. The system can be used by operators with minimal training.

Joe Urbaniak, COO of Edgesource commented on the company’s efforts, “The Washington Post recently called the Ukrainian conflict ‘the first full-scale drone war’ in history.  “And I have to agree. Given the capabilities of our Windtalker and Dowding system, we knew early on that we could help — and donating these systems at the outset of the conflict to Ukraine was the right thing to do to protect Ukrainian cities, civilians, and front-line units.”

Edgesource recently announced EdgesourceX, which brings similar capabilities to the commercial sector. EdgeSourceX works with public safety, critical infrastructure, arenas, and healthcare organizations that are concerned with the risk of unauthorized drones.