Last week, Elbit Systems Ltd., an Israeli defense electronics company, showcased its latest iteration of the ReDrone anti-drone system, marking the third generation of its advanced version. Over recent years, the escalation in drone-related threats has spurred an increased demand for solutions addressing this issue, with particular interest in Elbit’s advancements in this field.

ReDrone integrates a suite of systems designed to detect and counter threats effectively. These systems encompass the Actively Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) DAiR 3D multi-mission radar, boasting advanced capabilities, sensors for detecting communications signals, and the COAPS-L advanced electro-optics systems.

Collectively, these components yield a comprehensive aerial overview and enable sophisticated electronic attack capabilities, all seamlessly orchestrated through a unified command and control application.

ReDrone can detect and identify multiple targets concurrently within secured areas. Furthermore, it can track and neutralize hostile drones, regardless of environmental factors such as day or night, urban or open terrain, and varying weather conditions. Its versatility extends to a spectrum of defense tasks, including safeguarding airports, military installations, and strategic sites, securing borders and convoys, and protecting forces deployed on the battlefield.

Post Image Credit- Elbit Systems