Electronic Warfare in Ukraine- Preliminary Lessons for NATO Air Power Capability Development is an article authored by Duncan McCrory, for the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC).

Since the 2008 military reforms, the Russian Federation has made substantial investments in Cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) as an asymmetric response to NATO’s reliance on advanced electronic systems for military capabilities. Despite this investment, Russia has not fully leveraged these capabilities during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. This document addresses key issues and recommends developing EW capabilities to enhance the survivability and effectiveness of NATO air operations in highly contested environments. The insights presented in this paper are based on a presentation given by the author at the NATO Integrated Air & Missile Defence conference held at the Italian Air & Space Operations Command in Poggio Renatico on March 23, 2023.

Publication Date- October 2023

Electronic Warfare in Ukraine- Preliminary Lessons for NATO Air Power Capability Development contains the following major sections:

  • Electronic Warfare During the Initial Invasion
  • Russia’s Command and Control Issues
  • VKS’s Vulnerability to GBAD
  • Air Superiority Cannot Be Assumed
  • NATO EW Capability Development Priorities
  • Accelerating EW Capability Development

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Author- Duncan McCrory

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Post Image-War in Ukraine. Destroyed Ukrainian tank in Chernihiv region (Image Credit: Adobe Stock by misu)