Initially reported in Defence Connect, it was announced that three “Slingers,” an Australian-made 30mm weapon system, are being sent to Ukraine as part of a U.S. security assistance package previously announced.

The US Department of Defense recently ordered three “Slinger” light-weight 30mm cannon systems manufactured by Electro Optic Systems Defence Systems based in Canberra. These systems are intended for deployment on “30mm gun trucks.”

Each “Slinger” unit is equipped with a radar and a 30mm stabilized cannon, loaded with proximity-fuse, high-explosive, or armor-piercing ammunition, specifically designed for tracking and engaging drones at a range exceeding 800 meters.

The Slinger counter-drone system takes its inspiration from the historical Slinger soldier, who was known for their accuracy in hurling small stones to defeat distant enemies. This Australian-made system masterfully combats modern drone threats with a single lethal shot. It integrates a radar, a 30mm cannon equipped with specialized ammunition, and EOS proprietary stabilization and pointing technology. The Slinger showcases remarkable capabilities in tracking and engaging moving drones at distances exceeding 800 meters, making it especially well-suited for urban environments, thanks to its unique ammunition. Crafted with insights from conflict regions like Ukraine, it effectively addresses contemporary and emerging threats.

The Ukrainian version of the system will be employed in conjunction with Northrop Grumman’s M-ACE (acquisition, cueing, and effector) system.

The security assistance package encompassed various components, such as ammunition for HIMARS, air defense interceptors, artillery rounds, anti-armour systems, 3,600 small arms, heavy equipment transport vehicles, and maintenance support, with an estimated value of up to $500 million.

This recent confirmation adds to the series of positive indicators of shareholder confidence for the Australian-owned defense and space company, which has been experiencing a steady upward trend since the beginning of the year.

EOS Defence Systems executive vice-president Matthew Jones, responsible for defense systems in Australia, the US, and Singapore, said the weapon system could be mounted on a heavy 4×4 for operation or unmanned ground vehicle configuration.

Post Image- EOS Slinger (Image Credit: EOS)